MacTiernan's Bottle (2011) My new collection of short stories, published by Pisgah Press, is now available.—visit Pisgah Press for more information.

“. . . a rich mix of story gems and intellectual amalgams.”
Rob Neufeld, Asheville Citizen-Times 

“His short stories are great gifts to American literature.”
Bill Branyon, Mountain Xpress


Complications(2010) Bud Ogden worries that his wife may be trying to get pregnant despite their longstanding agreement to remain childless. In a reversal of commonplaces in sexual politics, he decides what he will and won’t do for love.
—read the short story in Fall, 2010, edition of The Great Smokies Review


Meet Me In Paradise (2007) Apostle Caleb Pennypacker has an influential television ministry. He’s also CEO of the global discount store giant, Paradise Superstores. When Cal pressures the board to Christianize the brand, his adamantly secular business partner decides too much religion is bad for Paradise. It’s time for Crazy Cal to go.

“This novel is my nominee for best first novel by an Asheville writer in the new century.”

—Cecil Bothwell, Mountain Xpress

“There has never been a better time for this kind of novel.  Cal’s Evangelical Christianity embraces capitalism while managing to ignore most of the moral and spiritual values which embody Jesus.”

—Toby Heaton, The Indie


Ben and the Immaculate Conception(2005) —Ben Major might never have become a terrorist if he had politely walked away from O’Hare on the morning of May 9, 2003. By error he had been entered into the Computerized Airline Passenger Pre-Screening System as Ben Majir, a name not matching his driver’s license and expired credit card. On that basis he was denied permission to board the PhoenixAir flight to Seattle. Misdirected blows are a fact of life. Accepting them is difficult at the best of times, and this wasn’t the best of times for Ben Major.



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