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Bothwell’s blog  Investigative journalist Cecil Bothwell takes an up close and personal view of Asheville as co-author of Finding Your Way In Asheville. His new unauthorized biography, The Prince of War: Billy Graham's Crusade for a Wholly Christian Empire, goes on sale November 15. 

Celtic Wordcraft and Asheville on the Ground Website and blog of inspirational social activist Clare Hanrahan, author of Jailed For Justice, Conscience & Consequences, and editor of We Walk Out But We Do Not Leave.

Danny Ellis Music  Danny’s album 800 Voices is a breathtaking true account of his childhood in Dublin’s infamous orphanage, the Artane Industrial School. It’s a song cycle haunted by abandonment and redeemed by the slender saving grace of membership in the Artane Boys Band.

Electric Solution  If you or your WNC business consumes more than 1500 KWh of electricity per month, Electric Solution may be able to help you reduce your electric bill and cut into the sort of electric demand that increases pressure for a new fossil fuel power plant in this area. 

InnerLandscaping   Laurel Reinhardt, PhD, illuminates the inner landscape with books, labyrinth quilts, dream coaching, and more.




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