Wally Bowen—The driving force behind the Mountain Area Information Network talks about threats and opportunities facing the alternative media in the United States.
—The Indie  March 1, 2007

Robin Cape—Before her election to the Asheville City Council in 2005, Ms. Cape sat down for a conversation about her re-vision of the political life.
—The Indie  October, 2005

Clare Hanrahan—Ms. Hanrahan is one of Asheville’s best-known and most respected activists on issues of war, poverty, and prisons. She’s also the author of two books detailing her experience as a federal prisoner following a conviction on charges of trespassing during a School of the Americas protest at Ft. Benning. She discussed how her views on active citizenship have changed through the years and uncertainties about the path ahead.
—The Indie  January 16, 2007

William Hogan—Asheville’s new Chief of Police described his plans to remake a police department considered by many to have a reputation for excessive use of force.
—The Indie  August, 2005

Dr. Carl Mumpower—A look at the rise of Asheville’s maverick crusader against “hard drugs.” A city councilman and practicing psychologist, Dr. Mumpower has used the media to pressure his peers and city staffers into an overhaul of police and municipal drug policies.
—The Indie  April 16, 2007




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